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Kannada Janapada Song

About janapada geete brief background of the study of Folk-Songs (kannada janapada song) , Janapada song is necessary now to bring out the significance of the Research of the Folk-Songs in general. kannada janapada geete learnt  the work of collecting folk literature started about five hundred years.

Some Indian scholars of folk-songs(janapada geethegalu). often take, a popular song as kannad janapada geethegalu e.g. Devendra Satyarthi has accepted Umashankar Joshi’s popular song as a folk-song; same way was also adopted by Chandervakar when he was collecting janapada haadugalu of a tribe in Gujarati. D.Javaregouda the famous kannada scholar says “history of folk-songs means the history of culture itself.”.1 “In Kannada language the earliest attempts to collect folksongs were made in the end of the eighth century”. And in the same century some Dohas were collected by Sarah but they were not folklorists. Hence, systematic and scientific 2 work was not done by them.” However, in Karnataka real attempt to collect kannada janapada hadu or  kannad janapada was made by the end of the 19th century.

But the recent times the janapada songs took modern touch called as tractor songs or janapada audio songs, Many of nonprofessional singers  singing their won created songs with famous cinema song lyrics or background music,  janapada song dj the new way of making attraction to modern generation kannada dj song janapada they manly add the songs with DJ Songs(Disko jockey) within the songs for more effective janapada mp3, janapada geethe kannada songs many consist of old kannada folk songs with janapada song dj touch like make-up artist.

Dj janapada songs


Let’s check out some of famous Janapada song with modern Dj janapada songs


1. Preetiya Parivala Video Song | Folk Song | Kannada Janapada Song

2. Nanna Gelathi Nanna Gelathi Original Song | Manjunath Sangalad | Janapada Geethe | Bhajana Pada|Folk


3. Bittu Hontyalla Nanna Halli janapada song download from youtube 


4. sangolli rayanna dj song download from youtube 


5. Chellidaro Malligeya Lyrical Video Song download from youtube |Kannada Janapada Song

6. Atti Atti Swadratti song download from youtube | Tumbida Mane | Kannada Folk Songs | Janapada Songs


7. Kallava Kel Mallava  song download from youtube| Tumbida Mane | Kannada Folk Songs | Janapada Songs


8. Bhagyada Balegara full song download from youtube – Kannada Traditional Folk Song 


9. Duddu kottare bekadu siguteti e jagadolu kaano song download from youtube


10. ಎಷ್ಟು ದಿನಾ ಇಲ್ಲೆ ಇರತಿ ನಿನ್ನ ಮನಿ ಬ್ಯಾರೈತಿ ಆಕಾಶ ಮನಗೂಳಿ ಭಜನಾಪದ |estu dina elle erati song download from youtube

As the days changes the songs also changes it’s type of importance janapada feeling songs type of feeling involved with mother, father, or lover   janapada galu or janapada geete song, Some of the kannada video song janapada shows the love of the “daughter love towards her hometown or in kannada we call it as “Tavarumane” some of the modern audio companies started producing video com with janapadaa kannada dj song or dj kannada janapada, and some of the directors directed movies based on janapada kannada movie,

new janapada song with handle of modern director they changed the style of showing kannada janapada audio songs, janapada geethe kannada videos are famous in Karnataka because of audien like the new way of show casing the  kannada song janapada geete , some of the youth on there on interest they create dj song kannada janapada with help of modern apps or music editing mp3 janapada or with with help of images they mix with nice dj janapada video old, they modified and made like  janapada dj kannada.

Nanna gelathi nanna gelathi is the best example of moden song, they created an old folk to new  nanna gelati nanna gelati dj song  but janapada Sangeeta is the other way kannada hosa janapada songs.




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